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Overcome your challenges through fitness, CBT and mentoring.


Our Philosophy

A not-for-profit organisation that supports children and young people to overcome their challenges through fitness, CBT and mentoring.

Science tells us that exercise directly improves our mental and emotional health and we passionately believe that through this medium we can develop young peoples’ ability to use growth mindset which will impact on all areas of their lives, ensuring better outcomes, academically and emotionally, both short and long term. We want to instil the belief in young people that they are the architects of their own destinies. That they too can run marathons and set up their own businesses! We want to encourage the next generation to dream big and have the motivation to work hard to achieve those dreams.

Our objective is:
  • To inspire and support children and young people who may be hard to reach.

  • To develop and greatly improve their physical, but perhaps more importantly, their mental health.

  • To help and enable them to set and achieve personal goals.

  • To develop their self-esteem and motivation, through a programme of mentoring and physical training.

  • To give them the tools they need to develop resilience as well as understanding and managing their emotions.

Who do we want to reach?

Although our programme is open to all, we particularly want to reach children/young people who:

  • Receive pupil premium funding

  • Are at risk of exclusion or have been excluded from an educational setting

  • Have special educational needs

  • Have mental health needs

  • Looked After Children

  • Young carers

  • Children from Service families

  • Anyone vulnerable

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